“Vote NO” ads do not speak for Salt Spring Artist and Building Communities

Bt Gillian McConnell, Salt Spring Artist and Rob Honey, Salt Spring Builder

It would appear that the phrase “in concert with the Islands Trust” on the YeSSI poster was misconstrued.  Playing “in concert with” means “appearing and performing on the same stage” and therefore does not constitute a misrepresentation of the Trust’s neutral position vis-a-vis incorporation.

Can the same be said of five advertisements published in the Driftwood by Positively NO?

Salt Spring Island Families, Builders, Farmers, Artisans and Artists for Salt Spring appear to be represented by a select few.

I am an artist.

The photograph of four of my colleagues is underlined by the statement “Artists for Salt Spring – We’re voting Positively NO”. With no disrespect to these wonderful artists, who happen to be my friends, the lack of specificity in this statement implies that they represent all artists on Salt Spring and therefore the views of all artists on Salt Spring. The statement also implies that if one votes, YES, one must therefore be against Salt Spring, possibly against Salt Spring artists.

The statement above the photograph appears to indicate that Artists, by voting Positively NO, are  “Protecting our island’s culture of creativity”. Is this meant to imply that if one votes YES, one is intent upon destroying this culture?

I am an artist and I am offended.

I did not grant permission to anyone to represent me in my profession as an artist on Salt Spring Island on the issue of incorporation (for either position).

My partner is a builder.

The photograph of three of his colleagues is underlined by “Builders for Salt Spring – We’re voting Positively NO”. The implication here is the same. Omission of the word ‘these’ implies that the Builders depicted speak on behalf of all their fellow Salt Spring tradespeople. The statement “Building a sustainable future” could be construed  to mean that if one votes YES, one is against sustainability, or worse, in favour of unmitigated development.

My partner is a builder and he is equally offended.

We speak for ourselves. We’re voting YES to incorporation. We want local governance by Salt Springers who can be held accountable—for “Protecting our island’s culture of creativity”, “Crafting a One-of-a-Kind Community” and “Building a sustainable future” that we can preserve and protect “for the next generation”.

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