Local governance option defeated.

We are very disappointed in the outcome but as the time honoured saying goes, the people have spoken. We are happy that we’ve seen a record turnout at the polls for this important decision and we congratulate the opposition on their success. Our belief remains that local government decisions should be made by a representative […]

“Vote NO” ads do not speak for Salt Spring Artist and Building Communities

Bt Gillian McConnell, Salt Spring Artist and Rob Honey, Salt Spring Builder It would appear that the phrase “in concert with the Islands Trust” on the YeSSI poster was misconstrued.  Playing “in concert with” means “appearing and performing on the same stage” and therefore does not constitute a misrepresentation of the Trust’s neutral position vis-a-vis incorporation. […]

Why I’m Voting Yes

By Peter Lloyd Jones, Salt Spring eco conscious B&B owner since 2014, Community Volunteer. On Salt Spring we have operated a very successful eco conscious Bed and Breakfast since 2014 ( Solar, rain water collection, locally sourced breakfasts etc.) and continue to run our hospitality PR agency. I have been on the Board of the […]

Choosing SSI’s Trajectory

By Meror Kreyenhoff Meror Krayenhoff is owner/ founder of Salt Spring Island’s and has been awarded BC’s most environmental builder, is a three time winner of Best Homebuilder in BC awards, and has been featured on David Suzuki’s “Just Build Green.” Krayenhoff now works globally as a green building consultant specializing in modern rammed earth.  Many […]

CRD Director Wayne McIntyre Weighs In

Our two-term CRD Director Wayne McIntyre was also previously elected as a municipal councilor in Lions Bay. With many years of experience working inside both systems of governance, he explains why he is voting YES. The Salt Spring Island governance referendum vote will be held on September 9th. The two options will be to remain […]