Dear Friends & Fellow Salt Springers!

YES Empowers Salt Spring


This website was created and is supported by people of Salt Spring Island who believe that becoming a municipality is the way to a healthy, self-determined and sustainable future for our island.

We hope our website will be a resource for all islanders regardless of their vision for local governance. We believe that no matter which way you vote, it’s important to go forward with the facts, rather than fear-based conjecture and misinformation.  We have worked hard on our FAQ section working from the studies to provide bite sized factual answers to common questions and concerns that are part of this community conversation.  

We would also love to connect with others who support bringing our governance home.  Please feel free to send us a note.  

With respect for all opinions, and hope for a great dialogue of discovery, let’s do this Salt Spring!  

Suzanne Little, Matt Steffich, Ken Marr and others who have contributed to get this website up and running.